Teams, groups of friends or relatives visiting.

Don't book them into a boring hotel. Stay like a community at an artists village for just 42,79€ p.P..

Hotelzimmer mit Schreibtisch Live like a family or like a group of friends for a few days! 6 doubles, 2 singles, 8 baths, large communal table, if you like, you have your own kitchen and there is a sauna just for you! Like a huge apartment. Very low cost if you use it with up to 14 people (just 42,79€ per person!), or very luxurios if you come with only 6 people for example (then you all have single-rooms and can use the remaining rooms as offices). Look at the pictures here

  Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and even unlimited cafe-latte, espresso,... is included at a low additional fee, as is the entrance into the Unperfekthouse.
Arbeitstische mit Computern
Sauna Küche


Accomodation for up to 14 guests all for just 599€
unlimited beverages, coffee, tea, cafe-latte, espresso, entrance to the Unperfecthouse 9,90€
unlimited beverages (see above) plus breakfast buffet per person just 14,90€


  • Trade show teams
    Messe Essen is just 8 minutes away with the U11 or by car. Great hotel rooms and numerous facilities for the after-party with the trade show team and your customers, or for a more extensive program during or after trade shows and exhibitions. More...

  • Seminars
    Instructors conduct a seminar and then cook together with the group in the evening. Beer, wine, other beverages and food for preparation all included. More...

  • Parties, Corporate-Events,...
    Celebrate in our huge "artists village" and stay at our little hotel. Party- and seminar rooms, stages, shop areas can be provided right in the same location.

  • Visiting relatives
    You can stay in this beautiful hotel, even if you don't party at the adjacent artists village! Celebrate with circles of friends, stay overnight and perhaps visit the musical theatre across the way.

The Unperfecthaus is a unique paradise for open and receptive people, and guests of the WG Hotel can enjoy it all! One of the Top 10 Sights in Essen (source: Merian Travel Guide) and probably the greatest way to stay over in the Ruhr Area as a team. “As the base for a team process it couldn't be better” (working group of a department store concern).


Individuality is something that – fortunately – can still be experienced today. Most people live in small families or as singles. The former may like to consciously spend a few days again living “family-style.” Gather a circle of friends or spend the night as a company team during a trade show not in some hotel, but rather in a residential community – for a change!

If that's what you crave, now there is a residential community in the form of a hotel. All the advantages of a community, closeness, large communal table, long evenings, if you like, you can cook... But everything is cleaned like in a hotel, beverages seem to appear magically. Unneeded rooms are simply declared office space, you and your guests come and go as you please, improvisation is allowed, just like in a residential community. A large supply room offers linens, toothbrushes and much more for colleagues who decide at the last minute to stay longer. Photos here.

Public Experiment

In the Unperfecthaus we're not afraid of failure. We simply try out new ideas because we believe that experiments bear more fruit than studies. If it works, they in 1 or 2 years you will receive a very cheerful press release, and if not, then we will report, with some disappointment, that people don't want to stay for a while in a residential community. We'll see. We will try it and get back to you.

What do others say?

Fair terms of cancellation

We're renting you the entire WG Hotel, and so we need to be sure you're really coming. More...

WG-Hotel at the Unperfecthaus, Reinhard Wiesemann, Prop., Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18, 45127 Essen-City Directions
Reservations: Phone +49 201 84735-0, Mail:, Sales Tax ID: DE 180305557

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